Moving forward

As many of you know, I began writing as a way to help me cope with my past history of childhood sexual abuse for both my own sanity and in an effort to hopefully help others know they are not alone when dealing with similar childhood trauma. Time and time again I have felt isolated and angry, finding no appropriate outlets for adult survivors. Awareness has been my goal from day one. Sometimes it felt like I was wading in cement trying to connect with others over this particular topic. Today I’m proud to share with all of you that I will be writing for a a site called gravity network, an online community that provides information, solace, connection and awareness of the impact #childhoodsexualabuse has had on so many of our lives. #gravitynetwork ensures that people can learn more about CSA, provides facts and statistics related to the topic and gives hope for adults that there is life beyond what we thought we knew. #awareness is real.

A million thanks to Amrita Bhowmick & Bharathi Zvara, the co founders of #gravitynetwork for reaching out to me and asking me to share my thoughts and writing and for their tireless effort to continue to help educate and inform others about the gravity of sexual abuse. #silentnomore #notmyactnotmyshame#awarenessofchildhoodsexualabuse

Please check out the site if you can. It’s an amazing resource and I’m proud to be a part of the community.

Some of my previously written blogs and posts will be featured as well as new thoughts that pop into my overactive mind. Thank you so much to all of you for continuing to help me advocate for awareness and for being a part of my journey. Together we are making a difference. Wading in cement never felt so good.

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