Caution! Read with Care

I want to write about triggers but I am worried that some people might freak out and be offended by the fact that it may be triggering to talk about triggers.

I’m going to do it anyways. I am purposely attempting to write what pops in my head without letting the opinions of others continue to silence my brain.

Especially because it is imaginary opposition.

Until I push post I will never know what anybody’s thoughts may be and even then, my goal is to get people talking so it makes no sense to let the worries of what others “might” think prevent me in any way from sharing my own thoughts. If anything I welcome the feedback and opinions of others, even if it isn’t what I want to hear. I don’t mind haters. They are passionate. They express themselves. They are vocal. They encourage exciting and stimulating conversation and when listened to and not taken too personally they often make valid points.

But  sometimes it feels as if people don’t really even hate anymore. Or they hate falsely.

Everyone is walking around with so many repressed emotions that triggering is a real, honest to God excuse for people not to communicate.

When did everyone become so deathly afraid to talk about topics that may cause someone to experience a real idea or express a true feeling? I’m not trying to pick a fight by discussing sensitive things; I’m trying to start conversations about how to make change happen. I don’t know when and how the line between communication and confrontation became so blurred and the infuriating thing is that I don’t know if it is actually ingrained in people to ignore reality intentionally or if they honestly believe they can’t say what they feel.

It seems more and more as if people are desensitized when talking about anything that matters. I would rather talk about something that could be considered triggering in a conversation than continuing to actively avoid anything and everything that is important so as not to upset, offend or cause anyone to explore a repressed thought.

When and how did everyone become so stale to an actual conversation?

I refuse to keep living a shadow of who I was meant to be by banishing what I truly feel. So weighed down by sadness and responsibility and judgment and exhaustion and disgust that numbness has become the acceptable way to be. What kind of example is that for my kids? For anyone? I have a responsibility to be better than numb.

We all do.

2 thoughts on “Caution! Read with Care

  1. Thanks Katie. It is even more frustrating knowing you are experiencing on the level you teach. That is the time in which I would hope students would be questioning and thinking about everything and it is a safe environment in which to do it.


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