In other news…

I don’t know if I’m ever going to let myself become desensitized to the appalling depths of sleaziness continuously found in human behavior.

I am still surprised by the new ways people come up with to abuse and demoralize others.

I will never stop believing that somehow just being a decent fucking person might actually get you somewhere. Money or not. Power or not. Friends, affluence, reputation, size,strength, intelligence, attractiveness level and sparkling personality aside.

If you notice a person is struggling on any level; do you try to help?

Do you even notice?

I may have been abused as a kid and all of that drama but I refuse to let my past or present dictate my worth. I never have. Even before I confronted my worst. I am nobodies victim.

Certainly not my own.

Angry may not be the best word to describe the itching I have inside of me at times that wants to scream through the wall of blatant fucking ignorance encountered on a daily basis when trying to find a way to say the things easier left unsaid.

Why are more people not livid about the shitty things that happen every day, including but certainly not limited to abuse? Is change that unfathomable? Have we actually come to a place in society where we have just accepted that most people are assholes and excuse their behavior because of it? Do people really hate themselves and others on such a level that we have given up even trying to make a difference?

Don’t respond to me with platitude bullshit either because in case you couldn’t tell I’m not in the mood.

I may have shitty self-esteem and walk around with my head down 90% of the time but when I look up, you better bet your ass I’m going to fight. Verbally, mentally, physically or otherwise. I will never stop. If I do, I know I will be the same as it seems most everybody else is or wants to be.

Dead inside.

I’m not there yet.

Neither are the rest of you.

Wake the fuck up and realize you matter. That everyone does. Stop letting others make you feel like you somehow deserve to be treated like shit. Even if for some reason you think you like it. Even if you actually do like it.

Especially then.

It’s probably only because you are not used to being treated any other way.

And for the love of fuck stop using and or making excuses as to why your life will never change if you have never even once tried to change it.

It’s called accountability and it is not a new concept.

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