Morning video share

I have shared this video before. I love everything about it. The Amazing Grace/Fight song mashup, the obvious joy exuding from the men playing the instruments, the fact that it was filmed in Scotland, the scenery, the bagpipes. Seriously. I cannot get enough of it.

I have watched it at least a dozen times.

I find it to be just as inspiring and beautiful every time. Anything that can invoke that type of response in me deserves to be shared. I can be very difficult to reach, emotionally speaking and otherwise.

So many of us are deeply effected by pain that is horrendous. Pain that inhibits us from being able to move forward. Pain that immobilizes us at times, rendering us powerless. Pain that runs so deep there are times we cannot fathom being able to fight it. The pain is so much a part of us we couldn’t recognize ourselves without it. Maybe we don’t even want to.

Every once in a while something will happen to stir those emotions. To remind us that just maybe there is beauty in pain and that is only by sharing the suffering that we can forgive ourselves and move a step forward.

My hope is that somebody watches this or reads the message of how it came to be and finds a tiny bit of strength to keep fighting. To sense a pinpoint of light within our dark. The description directly underneath the video is well worth reading. Able to beautifully and articulately explain what I sometimes lack the proper words to describe.

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